Solved Compositing and/or extensions for games

For games to work properly on a FreeBSD i3-wm system, is it required to have compositing and/or extensions for games to work correctly?
Ha..humor..I like that. Gardening and composting...Well, yes I took the liberty of a ports install:

/usr/ports/x11-wm/compiz-fusion along with adding lines to:

/etc/X11/xorg.conf. FreeBSD Handbook Chap. 5.8 - Installing and Configuring Compiz-Fusion details
adding a Section called "Extensions" ; however, X labeled this as an Error, therefore removed the section; reboot,
and X is now running as we speak.

I will test some games to see if they work afterwards. Previous to this, gnome-chess and gnome-tetravex failed.
Well, the wm you use shouldn't influence what a game needs to run. But I'm pretty sure compiz needs compositing. AFAIK this is enabled automatically if a capable driver for your graphics chip is found.
After testing games, almost all that I have installed, are working now. GNOME-chess and GNOME-tetravex actually need to have some dependent packages upgraded to newer versions, (i.e. gtk+ needs version 3.15.0).

So, thanks for the help on this.

So, guess this one is solved...