Compiz window manager

I try to understand how looks like compiz window manager. Compiz is also a window manager except cube and all this beautiful 3D. Right? If I use compiz window manager, can also use compiz fusion too? On window managers compiz cannot run as far as I know except e17 (with hack). I like also emerald window decoration so much :)
I'm not completely sure I understand your post but I'll try to explain what I can. compiz is a window manager, with a few basic plugins. The fusion add-ons are extra plugins, libraries, and configuration tools. You can use compiz without the fusion parts, but there's not much point, in my opinion.,
Well. That I try to explain is that I want compiz fusion but without Desktop environment. I want it on a window manager. Also I want emerald window decoration because have a lot that I like. The question is that if compiz fusion cannot run on window managers, on compiz window manager can run? Also how compiz window manager will look like
compiz can be run stand-alone, with emerald. But it's pretty minimal, without any built-in menu or panel/dock. If you want those, you need to install and configure them.

Those directions mention xsession files being in /usr/share/xsessions/ . For gdm, it would be /usr/local/share/xsessions/ and for kdm it would be /usr/local/kde4/share/apps/kdm/sessions/

Can run without those? For understand. Compiz Window manager is just an empty screen with Xserver up. No menus, no nothing! Right? But can run compiz fusion if I will install it. Right? And by default use emerald for window decoration. Right? If answer is yes on all questions, then I move to compiz window manager with idesk & ipager :)
Why not just follow the instructions I linked to, use idesk and ipager instead of gnome-panel, and see how it works?
I am on it :) Well. Everything is ok. But cannot ipager cannot see more than one screen. Any idea? Compiz fusion now have settings about compiz window manager except 3d?
compiz uses viewports, not desktops. Viewports are in the ICCCM, but many pagers don't understand them.