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One of my problem migrating to Unix is the command prompt. When I run a command like ifconfig on a box with many interfaces it overflows the screen and I don't know how to get a page by page view like the DOS suffix of /p.

I have copied enough online instructions to know it seems a pipe is probably involved.

A ifconfig or cat /var/run/dmesg.boot example would be great.
Please show me what to search for as more(1) didn't help me.

Since my experience has mostly been serial console I limp along with putty's buffer...

Looking here it seems:

less /var/run/dmesg.boot is what I need.

Is that the best approach?
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less ifconfig does not seem to work for me. I guess it is only good for file results.

So what to use for ifconfig /p ?
Thanks robroy That works. To drop back to command prompt I added an -e to the end.

gpioctl -lv | less -e on the arm boards will be a good test as i has hundreds of lines.

I owe you a tall cool one for that dumb question I should have asked a year ago.
I tried to use the manual. My eyes glazed by time I got to lesskey(1)!

I did find the help most useful for debugging a Hauppauge TV-Tuner I am trying to figure out.

pciconf -lv is now useful for me without a windowed crutch.

Thanks for everyones help