"command not found" after installing gdrive2 from port without errors

I get "command not found" when typing "gdrive" at the command prompt after installing gdrive2 from port.
I'm following a tutorial and it shows the command working fine.
What am I missing?

Thanks for any help.
It always helps to mention your version of FreeBSD, because I think that gdrive has been moved around a bit.
I'm suspecting you mean gdrive, and not gdrive2:
[strand.137] $ uname -a
FreeBSD strand.my.domain 13.1-RELEASE FreeBSD 13.1-RELEASE releng/13.1-n250148-fc952ac2212 GENERIC amd64

[strand.138] $ grep gdrive2 /usr/ports/INDEX* || echo NO gdrive2
NO gdrive2

[strand.139] $ grep "^gdrive" /usr/ports/INDEX*
gdrive-2.1.1_2|/usr/ports/net/gdrive|/usr/local|Google Drive CLI Client|/usr/ports/net/gdrive/pkg-descr|dmgk@FreeBSD.org|net|go118-1.18.3||https://github.com/prasmussen/gdrive|||

[strand.140] $ pkg provides usr/local/bin/gdrive
Name    : gdrive-2.1.1_2
Desc    : Google Drive CLI Client
Repo    : FreeBSD
Filename: usr/local/bin/gdrive
If you have installed the gdrive port or package, then you should be able to execute /usr/local/bin/gdrive.
If /usr/local/bin/gdrive exists, then check that /usr/local/bin is in your PATH.


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pkg info -l gdrive2 is a useful command to see what and where things get installed.

     -l, --list-files
             Display all files installed by pkg-name.
Thank you both for your replies. As I mentioned, I installed gdrive2 from ports. It is a port that exists in the latest version (/usr/ports/net/grive2/) and appeared to install cleanly although there is not an executable installed. I'm going to try rclone instead.


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I installed gdrive2 from ports
Ports create packages, so in the end everything is a package. And thus it gets registered in the package database and pkg-info will show the correct info. It doesn't matter if you used the port or installed the package.