Close Lid screen didn't go off

I installed freebsd on Dell Laptop, I have found the screen didn't off when I close the lid.
Where is the option to setup?
I tried sysctl hw.acpi.lid[B]_[/B]switch[B]_[/B]state=S3, it's suspend system.
When I re-open the lid, need I press the power button to open it.
But still I just want to close the screen...
I am mistaken. xfce4-power-manager does not have the settings for lid anymore. It used to work for me.
Reading about it closing the lid puts the computer into suspend mode on Xfce4 as well. I know it woke without intervention.
Now it looks like it's always on.
I ended up adding hw.acpi.lid[B]_[/B]switch[B]_[/B]state=S3 to /etc/sysctl.conf and now Xfce4 power manager works the way it used to with lid.
Dell E6420/E6430
By default mine was set to hw.acpi.lid[B]_[/B]switch[B]_[/B]state=NONE
Setting it at the command prompt didn't help Xfce4 power manager.
Adding it to /etc/sysctl.conf was the trick.


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