classical x clients

I did pkg install xorg, but I miss classical xclients that one find in every X installation, like xclipboard, xeyes, etc. Must I install them separately? Is there a package with them?

Well, my question was, if there is a way to install all together instead of each one separately.

pkg install xorg installed a lot, but not all.

Thanks anyway.
No, xorg-apps is installed, but not all x-clients.

Perhaps you think, they are not necessary, because you have gnome and kde.

But I want a typical Unix system with X11, with the tools I am used to, not something like a new Linux distribution.
I thought I would add, though not X specific, usually distributions provide glxinfo and glxgears with X11. In FreeBSD you have to install graphics/mesa-demos.
One thing I find a bit annoying is they also provide quite a few more random OpenGL test applications too.