Chromium and Firefox problems


I am facing some problems with my browsers for the last 2 years. I reinstalled my system several times with different FreeBSD versions and different browser versions. It started to be pain for me.

For the last years with all versions, almost half of the pages/tabs were crashing instantly with the generic error "Oops! Something went wrong" After last updates on the last few months this this problem turned into another problem. Now I don't see this text anymore but half of the pages are crashing with infinite page loads with no content.

Firefox is not crashing as much as Chromium, but generally tabs/windows are unresponsive and even with a few tabs/windows all the Firefox windows are freezing because of speed problem. It's very slow and buggy too.

I am always updating my ports but this problems are not fixed in any update for about last 2 year. I started to use rdesktop and vncviewer for connecting remote desktops to Linux and Windows clouds. My FreeBSD Desktop started to be only a container for remote desktops.

I wonder if I am the only one facing these problems, in FreeBSD community. Browser problems are effecting my productivity negatively.

My hardware:
Multi monitor setup with nvidia cards
Intel i7 4c/8t CPU
SSD main storage and separate SSD drive for SWAP space.

My software:
FreeBSD 10.2-RELEASE-p7
Mozilla Firefox 50.0.2
Chrome 54.0.2840.100 (64-bit)

I wonder if you have suggestions to solve these freezing and crash problems for both Firefox and Chrome.
I've talked about Chromium in several threads here. The maintainer has said that Chromium has become a huge, unwieldy beast making it difficult to maintain. Last I heard, recently, he was unable to compile all of Chromium to fix one issue because the build required more than the 32GB of ram he had on his system.

Yes, I have the same issue as you but I don't have any of the issues you say you have with Firefox.