Chinese investors to snap up Opera


A Chinese investment firm is to buy Norwegian company Opera Software in a deal worth $1.2bn.

Golden Brick Silk Road, a Chinese investment fund, is leading a consortium composed ofChinese internet firms Kunlun and Qihoo, to buy Oslo-headquartered Opera. They have offered NKr71 per Opera share, a premium of around 53 per cent to Opera’s closing price on February 4, just before reports of a takeover emerged.

Opera specialises in providing services for apps and web browsers. It said its board has “unanimously decided to recommend to its shareholders to accept the Offer” from Golden Brick.

Opera chief executive Lars Boilesen said:

There is strong strategic and industrial logic to the acquisition of Opera by the Consortium. We believe that the Consortium, with its breadth of expertise and strong market position in emerging markets, will be a strong owner of Opera. The Consortium’s ownership will strengthen Opera’s position to serve our users and partners with even greater innovation, and to accelerate our plans of expansion and growth.
Now that Opera has sold out and almost all of its innovations (minus a really own engine) have been transferred to Vivaldi, I wonder if actually has any worth left.
I used to enjoy using Opera, before they switched to the Blink engine. They were really innovating and it was hard to beat Opera for speed for a time. Now, I don't see any benefit to using Opera over any other Blink/WebKit based browser.

Still, there might be some value left in the company. Didn't the Wii and Wii U ship with Opera? I imagine the ad revenue you would get from being on a console would be enough to keep the company afloat.