Changing font in command line

Forgive me if there is an answer to this question that I've missed, but I have done my due diligence to research it, and have not found a suitable answer:

I have made a drive, command line only - no gui, and I'm trying to adjust the size of the terminal font, and make the color persistent. I have already altered the font type, via vidcontrol -f <fontname>, and made the necessary entry in /etc/rc.conf of allscreens_flags="-f <fontname>". However, I would like to make the color change of vidcontrol [I]foo[/I] [I]foo[/I] persistent, and adjust the font to a smaller size. Even as root, kldload vesa and vidcontrol -i MODE, vidcontrol MODE_X, etc. do not work for me. Is this an outdated section of the manual? Have there been changes? Or am I simply missing a step. As stated, I have tried to research this, but Google is a mess of answers going back over a decade, none of which help. Any assistance that can be given is much appreciated. Thank you.
The best way to do this that I'm aware of is by setting up the terminal console driver in /boot/loader.conf. See vt(4) for an overview of options which you can use to set this up.

You're probably looking for kern.vt.color.<colornum>.rgb. Or perhaps TERMINAL_KERN_ATTR.
I made the color change of vidcontrol [I]foo[/I] [I]foo[/I] persistent by adding it to .zshrc (since I'm using zsh, obviously). I'm assuming that there's also a command that I can add to my rc for font size, as well as color?
I went into /usr/share/vt/fonts, found an 8x8 font to use, and then entered it into /etc/rc.conf. This did what I wanted to shrink the font size, but the font shape is a little bit cursive looking in its current configuration...

... Is there a way to add new fonts to /usr/share/vt/fonts? Thank you!