Solved Change SATA port on FreeBSD

I changed the SATA port on FreeBSD, now FreeBSD can't boot.
What can I do?
FreeBSD in ada1.
Dear pouria.mzt,
please boot using your installation CD or stick. If I am not wrong it should be possible to change to a shell. Then use gpart show to find out the new location where your disk ended up.

Method 1) Then mount the device as mount /dev/ada* /somewhere with somewhere as an empty directory on your root. There might be already some /tmp or /media or so as /somewhere. The you can edit /somewhere/etc/fstab.

Method 2) Then change your cables to the original situation and reboot. Edit /etc/fstab to match with the new numbers. Shutdown the system and re-arrange the cables to your new setup.

In worst case you can swap the cables until the FreeBSD disk appears as ada1 again. But I think you have a reason why the new setup is as it is.
Boot to single user mode, it doesn't require a password for root.