Change default update mirror

Hey. I want to change update mirror in /etc/freebsd-update.conf. Somebody can tell me alternative server? And if is possible to upgrade FreeBSD from predownload package? How to do it?
I read it. But there is no any information about diffrent servers to install FreeBSD from FTP is blocked via firewall. Can I update RELEASE using official package downloaded from Its Cernel.
Note that is actually switched based on the GeoIP. So you're already getting the "closest" mirror. Any reason why you want to switch to a different mirror?

Can I update RELEASE using official package downloaded from
No. Not yet at least. There's work being done to make this possible but it's not there yet.
Hard to say. Sweeching on/off AC on Snowden movie... Loop download on the Opera on Vbox when I'll be loging on facebook without VPN. Instagram. Δ Now is clean but i do now have Any bacup for analize(without android). So I personally do not trust any redirect mirror.
It's not based on redirection, you get a different IP address from DNS based on your location.
Because I do mistake my external IP is know(see but cant touch). At this moment I do not have any passibility for hide it. So It is possible to send me custom cernel?