Change Config Options After Failed Install

I went to compile xfce4. I did not use batch="yes" so I was presented with the install options. I choose install gtk docs. Well, the install failed. I know it works without the GTK docs option because I have complied it before with batch="yes".

Now I can't change the install options. make config won't work etc.

What do I do now to change those install options???
-k Flag

I tried the -k flag after make and it is going again. To answer my own thread. But still interested in response to this for future reference.
"[font="Courier New"]make config[/font]"

There are lots of other things you can tweak: see "[font="Courier New"]man ports[/font]" for more information about installing ports than any one person could want.
Another question:

If I have installed some one from ports, and then I changed the config, how to use the new config to the installed ports. Which command can help me to only compile that against my new config?
For example, I mean I change a meta ports' config.
after you change config, old config is deleted and only new is available.
Therefore next time you compile, everything will be as you configured last time
Yes, I know it will be changed in the next compilation.
But which command can implement the new config immediately.
Gentoo's portage have this feature, maybe ours ports also have.
For metaports or ports with many missing dependencies, you can use make config-recursive before running make install.
On gentoo if you add also to program you also need to recompile app, to be able to use also (well, last i used gentoo it was this way)

the same is with FBSD, if you add some optional stuff, you need to recompile

make config install clean
make config
and later
make install clean

or to reinstall
make deinstall reinstall clean

If I "make reinstall", the new config can be implemented immediatly.

But I want to only compile that against the new config and do not want compile that do not against the new config.

I think I can't implement this goal, if the ports database have only one copy about the compilation option.

If I use portupgrade with "-f", it will compile that not against my new cofig and that against my new config just like "make deinstall".