Cannot switch User in Fresh install FreeBSD 13.2 with Xorg Gnome

Hi all, newbie here in FreeBSD, discovered the wonder of FreeBSD after testing it out on vm when exploring the option for OS with the incoming systems revamp on the existing RHEL / CentOS Network monitoring server env (Off-net, isolated from internet).

Got this console pc here where the end user from the 24/7 nmc teammembers will help monitor the network for us using chrome in Windows 10.

Well, the pc crashed (cannot be repair and reset by default) few days ago and since it is also approaching EOL, so i kissed win10 goodbye and gave FreeBSD + GNOME a try.

Basically I just followed the handbook.

Got 2 users, excluding root. The admin (wheel) and user1 (non-wheel)

install xorg, install intel driver (drm-kmod), install gnome

pw groupmod video -m admin
pw groupmod video -m user1

ee /etc/fstab
proc /proc procfs rw 0 0

sysrc kld_list="i915kms"
sysrc dbus_enable="YES"
sysrc gdm_enable="YES"

then reboot to check if it can start up ok.

Got into GDM, can see my 2 users account there.

However once login with either account, there is no switch user option on the GUI under lock screen, logout / power and stuff like that.

checked dconf and the switch user option was indeed enable / default / untouched.

What did i do wrong in here? Thank you.