Solved cannot start jail after editing jail fstab


I am trying to mount the FreeBSD port tree inside my sysutils/iocage jail but the jail failed to start once I added the following line in /iocage/jails/UUID/fstab
mount_nullfs -o rw /usr/ports /iocage/jails/d4de76f0/root/usr/ports
Here is the error message:
jail: mount.fstab: -o: not an absolute pathname
  ! Start                FAILED
ln: log: File exists
  + Starting services        FAILED

Hope someone can help me
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You do not need to specify the -o switch in fstab.
Here seem that mount is complainig about the fact that it expects an absolute path, but finds the -o switch.

The correct entry should be:
/usr/ports /iocage/jails/d4de76f0/root/usr/ports nullfs rw 0 0
For more infos, look here: fstab(5).
Thank you very much Maxnix
That did the job perfectly.
I didn't realised the syntax wasn't the same as at the shell prompt.