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Cannot remove I/O lock / kill process

The Alchemist


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Hello everyone,

I am using Node.js and NPM on my FreeBSD 10.3 server (with ZFS).
Sometimes, during the npm install command, the installation freezes and stops working.

The I/O lock, however, stays in place.
I have had this issue 3 times now, and the only thing that works is rebooting. (that I know of)

What I tried to do:

  • Kill the npm process:
$ ps aux | grep npm
bart 25706 0.0 0.8 790740 135220 2- T+ 5:37PM 0:08.40 npm (node)
bart 26114 0.0 0.0 18832 2224 5 S+ 5:57PM 0:00.00 grep npm
$ sudo kill 25706

  • This is not working, trying -9:
$ sudo kill -9 25706

  • This however, did not remove the file lock, because when I wanted to remove the folder, the command froze up again! Sigh..
    Trying fuser:
$ fuser -m -u ng2-file-manager/
/data/node_root/ng2-file-manager/: 25706c(bart) 25823c(bart)

  • Ok, so there are still processes that keep the folder locked:
$ sudo fuser -k ng2-file-manager/

  • I tried to remove the folder again, but it is still freezing my sh session...

Any idea's to fix this?
Is there a ZFS lock that I need to remove?

The Alchemist


Thanks: 1
Messages: 20

More info:

It appears that killing the npm installation process using CTRL + C is causing the `locking`.
I have run the npm install with logging and I was just impatient.
I have killed the process during a make build.

However, those processes that I stopped using the shortcut do lock up my folder.
Any idea to remove the locks?