UFS Cannot mount exFat usb stick

[sorry I'm not a native English speaker]

Hi, I'm very new in Unix like systems, I had before a Arch Linux but I decide to install FreeBSD in my computer. All things cool but I cannot mount a USB stick formating in exFat. I searched all over the internet, I read the documentation and many threads here too but I didn't find anything... Sorry for n00bs problems :( and thank you
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Run tail -f /var/log/messages, then plug the stick in. You should see some messages about a disk being added. The important thing to note is the specific da(4) device, da1 for example. Then run gpart show <devicename> (replace <devicename> with the device you found). Post the output here.

I'm not sure if mount_msdosfs(8) is able to mount exFAT, I think it only supports FAT12/16/32. But first we need to know if it's really exFAT or something else.