ZFS Cannot find /boot on ZFS from the Live CD or Shell

OK, here is my situation. I have a 12.3-RELEASE production on Upcloud and built the kernel and world from source with AVX512 instructions enabled, because the CPU was a 2017 Xeon. Now, it seems shutting down and powering on/off the VPS might switch between AMD Epyc and Xeon. My VPS is stuck on AMD Epycs, no matter how many times I power on/off. Thus not able to boot.

In order to salvage my data, I thought OK boot using 12.3-RELEASE and copy the kernel to /boot. Sadly, it seems I'm not able to find the /boot partition. Here are the screenshots of the VPS console.

I have installed this VPS using the default ZFS install a year ago.

I really appreciate your help!


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AFAIK, /boot is located on / using zfs. The freebsd-boot is a partition used to store the MBR entry for the bootloader when using CSM mode.


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Mount zroot/ROOT/default (that contains the 'root' filesystem). Assuming you never did anything with bectl(8)/beadm(8) to change the default boot environment.
Thank you for your responses, I did contact the support and they moved the instance to a Xeon processor and I booted successfully.

Yes, the boot partition is only 512 KB and definitely too small for the kernel stuff. I will try SirDice's suggestion next time.