Solved Cannot compile simple kernel module

Hi there,

Using 10.3-RELEASE and trying to compile a simple kernel module. My Makefile is really simple....
~/code/memstat % cat Makefile
# Source files for kernel module

# Declare Name of the kernel module

# Include kernel module makefile
.include <>
~/code/memstat % make
make: "/sys/conf/" line 461: Could not find
make: Fatal errors encountered -- cannot continue
make: stopped in /home/fnoyanisi/code/memstat
~/code/memstat %
I have seen this and in this forum post, wblock@ mentions that is only available in 11-CURRENT.

My questions is, why would on 10.3-RELEASE pull, which is only available in 11-CURRENT?
Seems like I messed up my /usr/src at some stage, wiping out /usr/src and re sync'ing the source solved the problem.