Other Can you use wayland with a simple window manager

Not related, sway does not seems to compile because dependency sysutils/seatd does not compiles because of a checksum error.
Not related, sway does not seems to compile because dependency sysutils/seatd does not compiles because of a checksum error.
# cd /usr/ports/sysutils/seatd
# rm -rf work/
# make clean
# make distclean
# make && make install

This is what to do if you get a checksum error. # make distclean removes the distfile. That forces a re-download of the tarball, and it will get re-checked, and then the checksum should be OK.

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The view from my x11-wm/fluxbox desktop of distfiles for programs installed:

ports-mgmt/portmaster downloads it as a dependency with something else.
I install xorg myself. So I have both, and not a care in the world about either.
I use swaywm as my rock solid daily driver on FreeBSD and it works very well.

It started out as an experiment but I have been so happy that I completely switched over from Xorg (and awesomewm), e.g. because of a much more consistent (for me) HiDPI experience.
sway+wayland works nice. I could configure my keyboard.
Just one thing. Sometimes launching firefox freezes the screen and input.
Sharing some first impressions.
sway+wayland is fast, i like it. And even "mate-panel" works fine. Mod+W gives me a tabbed layout, and that's all i need.
I don't need a background image, and i simply start caja or nemo or pcmanfm to see icons.
Currently lxqt-panel or xfce4-panel or cairo-dock don't start under wayland.
Note,it took a lot of time for wayland to come to this stage. Will wayland ever work with xfce? Maybe in 10 years.
For now wayland+sway is usable as a productive system.
I use it with mate-panel, caja filemanager, mate-terminal
Don't want to use a simple WM.

Don't want a big cumbersome DE.

Will wayland every work with xfce?

Probably, eventually.

I know a couple of people running wayfire and using Xfce tools/programs on it. Wayfire is like the good old days of compiz, you can disable fancy effects but on wayland the effects work great since there are no tearing or glitches.
Did you changed the sway config file. Which improvements did you made ?

I think all I've added is:
gaps inner 2
gaps outer 2
default_border pixel 2
This adds gaps (like i3-gaps) around the windows and border pixel removes the title bars as I don't need them.

swaybar_command waybar
To the bottom, status bar section to use waybar.

My full configs:

Here is what my desktop looks like:
I would want to use Wayland or XWayland with JWM or CTWM. Even a clone of those window managers.

I saw a Wayland compositor that said it will work with regular X window managers, but it's not in the ports tree. I don't remember its name, but as long as it's possible.

In the meantime, I'll enjoy X11.