Solved Can pkg search point to not existing port path ?


Today I wanted to search information about e_dbus port and executed:

$ pkg search -f  e_dbus
Name  : e_dbus
Version  : 1.7.10,1
Origin  : devel/e_dbus
Architecture  : freebsd:10:x86:64
Prefix  : /usr/local
Repository  : FreeBSD [pkg+]
Categories  : enlightenment devel
Licenses  : BSD2CLAUSE
Maintainer  :
WWW  :
Comment  : EFL DBUS connectivity library
Shared Libs required:
Shared Libs provided:
Annotations  :
Flat size  : 83.6KiB
Pkg size  : 23.9KiB
Description  :
Enlightenment DBUS compatibility layer.


Next I wanted to install it from source but I am unable to find it on the path /usr/ports/devel/e_dbus, and even portmaster(8) don't want to install it.

Can anyone explain it to me how it is possible that I cannot find e_dbus in ports tree?
The port origin is fixed in the package at package creation time. It is entirely possible that the port gets deleted or renamed after that and that's why you can't find it anymore in the tree. Consult /usr/ports/MOVED and /usr/ports/UPDATING.

Note that ports-mgmt/portmaster pays no attention to /usr/ports/MOVED unlike the more advanced port building tools such as ports-mgmt/poudriere. One more reason to move away from portmaster.
In this case the port expired and was removed from the ports tree.

devel/e_dbus||2016-01-15|Has expired: Not used anymore by x11-wm/enlightenment