Solved Can I see what the console returned?


I accidently deleted a few rule from my / file and I have no copy of it..
Is there any way to see what vi /etc/pf.conf was displaying on the screen at that time so I could copy the lines back?
Nope. As far as I know persistent undo is only a vim feature. And even there you have to enable it first.

No zfs snapshots?
No zfs snapshots?
No not on that box.
It is use as a differentail backup server for our production zfs system.
So having other snapshot othern than the production server could break the whle chain..
Not a big deal, I'll rewrite the rule from another location ...I was just wondering if it was possible to see what was output to the screen
On the console hit the scroll-lock key, then use the cursor keys to scroll. For xterm, PuTTY and the likes, it depends on the scrollback buffer. Depending on how vi is configured it may push screens into the scrollback buffer.