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Can I compile a FreeBSD kernel from Linux?


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I'm trying to compile and boot a FreeBSD kernel on an ARM64 system with ACPI. The current v12 release starts to boot but fails during parsing of ACPI tables. I'm sure I can debug and fix this myself.

I do have some stupid questions, though. Is it possible to compile a FreeBSD kernel from a Linux system. Since I can't boot the existing kernel on my ARM64 system, I would need to cross-compile from an x86 PC. The question is, do I need to install FreeBSD on this system to do a cross-compile?


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I guess this is (at least) theoretically possible, but probably would involve a lot of work. Why not use VM for that instead? :)

Other fellows may have better understanding of this subject then me, but CURRENT is unsupported in here (forums) because that is the development version (aka dev playground), and it is often broken. In other words, CURRENT is not meant to be normally used.



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In my opinion it's definitely not worth the effort. I believe that Debian has (or had) a package called "FreeBSD make tools" (or something close enough) which should make it theoretically possible to build the whole thing.

But as lebarondemerde said: a virtual environment is a much better idea.


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Gentoo certainly can build the FreeBSD kernel because they have it in the Portage tree, due to Gentoo/FreeBSD project. But still, unless you are already using Gentoo, install VirtuBox and get the thing done would be rather less expensive.