Solved Caja filemanager. Open as administrator not working

Because I want to be able to open a map or file as administrator from Caja I also installed deskutils/caja-extensions.

After installing deskutils/caja-extensions, right clicking the mouse indeed shows the open as administrator option, but after clicking on it nothing happens. And though in the caja-extensions menu the Gksu option is checked, it appears that Gksu is not installed.

After Gksu is installed from ports, when I try again to open a map or file as administrator the systems says granting rights but instead of opening a screen in order to give in my password, again nothing happens.

Anybody who can help me with this?
If you have gksu installed it is possible to create a script to open caja as root.

Create 'Open caja as root' script in .config/caja/scripts directory

To setup an executable permission on file:

chmod +x .config/caja/scripts/Open\ caja\ as\ root

It will appear in the Scripts section of the right click menu in caja.