Cairo-Dock Issues on FreeBSD12 KDE5


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In my adventures in setting up an awesome looking FreeBSD desktop I wanted to use Cairo-Dock. My system is all updated, and I have the propitiatory nVidia drivers 390.87 driver installed. I tried the package of Cairo-Dock and nothing could display on the screen. I would a blank bar, and transparent box. When I launch it from Terminal I noticed Cairo-Dock was not built with GLX Support, OpenGL will not be available. Later on It would display Running with OpenGL: 1. It would launch with the -c option

So I removed it, and installed from ports. When I make it, I try to select GLX, I then get an error saying I can use multiple options from the GL radio and which I clearly have EGL unselected. However for fun I unchecked Wayland, and now it installs.

Now if I start Cairo-Dock It still tells me not built with GLX Support, EGL support, and running with OpenGL: 0 The dock will launch -o option I see the same thing. is there something I am doing wrong, or a bug with the software?