Build world question

Not sure if this is the correct area for build world questions...

How would I start to
$ cd ${SRC}
$ make -j 8 buildworld TARGET_ARCH=arm
using FreeBSD 9.0 ?
Besides FreeBSD 9.0 being End-of-Life for 4 years, it doesn't have ARM support.
To be honest I'm not exactly sure when it was added. The link refers to 9-CURRENT so it's rather old. Try following the procedure using 10.3-RELEASE or 10-STABLE. Both FreeBSD 8 and 9 have been End-of-Life for quite some time.
I'm giving this a try with 11.0-RELEASE... just wondered if there is any way to log any error msgs which may occur...
I seem to recall the option of being able to redirect certain output to stderr using something like
somecommand 2> error.log but can't get it working. Does this not work, or does it depend on the shell being used?
No, it doesn't work due to various redirects that are happening during the build process. Just use script(1):
script ~/mylogfile
cd /usr/src
make buildworld {....}
less ~/mylogfile