build hdf5 with parallel I/O support

Hello FreeBSD folks! :)

I'm trying to edit the aforementioned port Makefile in order to build the package with parallel I/O support (with no luck so far). I'm really a FreeBSD n00b so maybe I am missing something ;-)

According to the upstream docs this should be just a matter of
CC=/usr/local/bin/mpicc ./configure --enable-parallel

and, in fact, if I manually download the source code, explode the tarball and run the above command I get confirmation from ./configure output that parallel I/O is enabled, and then, hitting make the code builds just fine.

Now I'd really like to use the ports system to install the package, so I try to edit /usr/ports/science/hdf5/Makefile accordingly, which means changing the lines

CONFIGURE_ARGS= --enable-cxx \
                --enable-hl \
                --enable-instrument \


CONFIGURE_ARGS= --enable-parallel \
                --enable-hl \
                --enable-instrument \

( --enable-cxx and [I]--enable-parallel[/I] options are mutually exclusive) and run

# CC=/usr/local/bin/mpicc make install clean

but as the ./configure output scrolls I find out that parallel I/O support is not enabled. I also tried to add the CC variable definition also inside the Makefile but nothing changes. I missing something?

Thank you,
Emiliano i missing something?
configure: error: --enable-cxx and --enable-parallel flags are incompatible. Use --enable-unsupported to override this error.

seems not to work. You can try remove

(Btw, I am can't find the QUOTE tag).

it would be cool IMHO if the option to compile hdf5 with parallel I/O would be easily available in the "official" science/hdf5 port (ie. a checkbox in the usual dialog box), i think is a feature that most hdf5 users would find useful.

is there a place where i can file a feature requesto to the port mantainer?

is the right place for feature requests?

thank you