Buiding a SAN server based on FreeBSD



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Hi everyone,

I am building a xcp-ng cluster and started using FreeNAS but I just find out that HA is not available unless going for TrueNAS.
As I cannot afford the cost of TrueNAS, I am trying to build a HA san with 2 servers based on FreeBSD in order to create an iscsi target.
Could anyone please advise on reliable software to use to do this?
Opensource and free if possible.

I hear of glusterfs and ceph but not sure how good is the performance.
Also is it possible to create a SAN based on ZFS?

Thank you



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HAST indeed syncs disks, but I remain skeptical about the actual failover process with something like nfs or iscsi.
Do take a shot at it, I would love a similar setup myself.

glusterfs performance is heavily tied to inter-node network performance as I understand it. With direct interconnects between storage nodes, and/or some fancy routing, it might be possible to improve the situation somewhat.



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Yes, I would only use HAST if RAID was handled by a controller and not ZFS. That way, I would only expose one device.