broken VGA output from motherboard




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I have an old SuperMicro X9DRL motherboard running FreeBSD 10.3, with a broken VGA output port. The system boots OK, and can be accessed through PUTTY and the WEB pages, so I know the system is still functioning. But I 'need' the system console screen for local management connected to the builtin VGA port. I am looking for a PCIe to VGA board, which, hopefully, can be redirected as the main Console port. (NO graphics necessary, just 80 x 24 text).

Finding a PCIe VGA board is the first hurdle. And then switching the text output to the VGA PCIe board is the next problem.

Anyone have any experience doing this?

I thought an update and CLOSURE of this problem would be helpful if anyone else runs into it. The PCIe board with DVD-I output did not work. The system would not recognize the board as VGA in BIOS. I found a cheap 'ATI Rage PCI' board (seems to be readily available if you search correctly). There is also a jumper next to the PCI slot on that SuperMicro X9DRL motherboard that 'disables the internal VGA output' and redirects it to the PCI slot. Once the correct board was installed, and the jumper moved, the system started up with the POST visible, and continued to boot to the console.

Thanks for the many comments along the way to resolving this issue...