ZFS /boot/ not being mounted properly on an encrypted zfs root after running mergemaster


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I was upgrading from freebsd-STABLE from source for the first time following the handbook steps, when I got to use
# mergemaster -Ui
I was told that /boot should be no longer a system link and instead be a directory, not knowing at the time that in a encrypted freebsd installation /boot should be allocated on a separated unencrypted zpool (the bootpool). Then I hitted the r key and unlinked it and now it was a directory, when I booted there were'nt any problems in the booting process. /boot was now a directory, an empty one, my machine still boots from bootpool but does not mount bootpool to /boot at start and I was'nt able to load any kernel modules, then I made a dirty solution, to copy the content from bootpool to /boot and use rsync between them.
How can I relink the /boot again?.



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The installer typically sets up a symbolic link to your bootpool, so you should just need to restore that to undo mergemaster's little fubar:

cd /
mv boot boot.old
ln -s bootpool/boot .

rm -R /boot.old at your leisure.