bluth clean theme

This use 100% clean desktop. (0% unused screen space)
I don't even use trayer and pager.
You can't minimize apps here, you can instead use other virtual desktop or shade window.

I implemented better script for handling mplayer in daemon mode.

This config is optimized for my mouse with extra 2 buttons.

you can get it here
and from my home page

feel free to download and use.
extract fvwm configuration to home directory (files will be under ~/.fvwm)
extract icons to whatever directory
and edit ~/.fvwm/Config/path.fvwm2rc

you need GraphicsMagick for wallpapers to be converted to png (you can replace anyone of them to other one, and use only one, i picked bough, because GM converts images between different formats faster, while IM is resizing faster)

you will need to modify it to fit your applications.
I use:
firefox3 - www
geany - editor
uxterm - terminal
rox-filer - file manager
thunderbird - mailer
xchat2 - chat
ooo3 -

I hope you'll like it as much as i do.