bind9 from ports or default?


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Hi people.

I have some questions for all u guys who have bind servers on the Internet with FreeBSD.

Went u build a new server, normally u use the one that came by default or u build the program from ports?

Why u use the default?
Why u build from ports?

What difference they have?

Because in the ports I see a lot of bind9 programs and I don't know which one to use.

I'm starting my learning curve with bind, now I need to setup one, but all this make my head start wondering why we have a lot of them, which one is better to use?, which one is the most current?, which one I have to follow?, etc, etc.

Thanks all for your time :e


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Lowell said:
Stay with the base system unless you have a specific reason otherwise.
One of those specific reasons for me was that BIND in ports rolled out security fixes almost immediately in the past few months.