BGP and IPFW + Natd


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Dear all,

I have a network with real and private IPs. It is routed by a FreeBSD 12.1-Release box and I'm using ipfw and natd.
By using static IP routing everything is pretty clear. But now our ISP requires using BGP. This way my network becomes a "stub" network with 2 possible default gateways on 2 different interfaces and the default route announced by the ISP. The network will be a part of ISP's AS.
It seems that net/quagga is a good choice for BGP. But now I have no clearly defined interface for natd_interface for natd. I've read some articles for running multiple instances of natd, but all connections need to be diverted to the currently working natd instance. I'm not sure is that possible at all?
Now I'm looking for an advice: Can I make natd "BGP-aware" and how or should I use another box just for natd inside the BGP routed network?

Thank you all in advance!