Best way to avoide UID/GID conflicts across new systems

I am setting up several new FreeBSD servers (using bhyve). There are currently no users (other than me and root). I use NFS and have run into problems with GID and UID conflicts across systems in the past and would like to avoid that if possible. Is there a standard way of handling this? I have seen LDAP and NIS mentioned and those may be the way to go, but before I get neck deep in that I was hoping to confirm what I should be reading about. Thanks in advance.
For a small shop, the easiest is to create a single master list of all users and groups. One way to handle it is to declare one server to be the "master", whose /etc/passwd and /etc/group rule over all others. That server doesn't have to be the only NFS server, it just has to have the master copy of the user/group list.

For a large shop, LDAP seems to be the tool of choice. Or use implementations that can do UID/GID translation or symbolic names. All these things are lots of work and painful.