Xfce Autologin with SLiM to XFCE4

How to automatically login with my limited user account? I have XFCE4 set as desktop manager and works well. I've tried LightDM and don't like it, is buggy.


Hello, bugzeo

to enable autologin on slim you need to open /usr/local/etc/slim.conf and uncomment

#default_user        simone
and replace simone with your user.

Then uncomment
#auto_login          no
and set it to yes.

Bonus: If you want to use the FreeBSD theme on slim, install x11-themes/slim-themes and set current_theme default to fbsd.

If you have not set xfce in a .xinitrc for slim yet, execute in your users home directory:

echo "exec startxfce4" > .xinitrc
Thank you very much, it worked like a charm. I had to delete a previously saved session then after reboot auto logins.