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audio/oss + kmix 4.5.3

Discussion in 'KDE' started by break19, Nov 10, 2010.

  1. break19

    break19 New Member

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    I have read all over that kmix now supports oss4 (since version 4.4.x) and yet.. I am running KDE 4.5.3, with oss4 drivers... and I have no KMix applet.. nor can I get it to launch..

    No errors.. just nothing.

    I am using the gstreamer backend (And have tried the Xine backend as well.. no go)

    I get sound fine.. just no volume control (unless I launch ossxmix which is -HUGE-)
  2. adamk

    adamk New Member

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    Yeah, I had heard the same thing about KDE4 and oss4.... But I can only assume that the people who say that it should work have never actually tried it. As far as I can tell, kmix will only work with drivers that support the OSSv3 mixer API. There are many OSSv4 drivers that support that API, but the HDA driver does not.