As your proceed to install GTK-THEME-CONFIG?

SirDice said:
If that's not it either, please explain what you're trying to do.
Trying of customize the Xfce desktop, put color nice in the windows and on the taskbar.
Hello, I found this forum post looking for something similar to 'gtk-theme-config' which currently has no port available (linux-app). I'm a fairly new user to FreeBSD, and I've used that app on Ubuntu, which allowed for on-the-fly changes to GTK themes/colors.

There is a Github page for the app (, and I'm wondering if there is a GUI interface for changing gtk colors (on FreeBSD) aside from editing/reloading theme files. Thanks!

Sadly it has not, and I haven't had time to try compiling/porting to FreeBSD, though I might try someday.