Solved Apache24 - obsolete modules?


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I found a couple of modules for www/apache24 in my config file and I can't figure out if they are obsolete or not.
LoadModule unixd_module libexec/apache24/
LoadModule log_config_module libexec/apache24/
When I do a make config in the www/apache24 directory, these are not listed as even a possible option to enable.

Any ideas if these modules are needed - and more importantly, what determines if these are added/enabled in my httpd.conf file?


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When in doubt check the manual. There are several (core) modules which are mandatory for the regular operation of the server, as such you can't select them from the configuration because removing them would effectively break your server.

mod_unixd is required because it provides security features for "Unix-family platforms".
mod_log_config can be safely removed but then the server will also stop logging requests.

Check the links for more information.

But yeah: every module is documented in the manual, so if you need to know about some then that's the place to turn to.


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If your httpd.conf has been around for a couple of updates/upgrades it pays to have a look at the httpd.conf.sample and compare the differences. Installation or upgrades of ports/packages never update configuration files if they've been modified locally.