Any experience with Cisco UCS225?

I wonder if anybody has experience in installing FreeBSD (on bare metal) on a Cisco UCS 225 (AMD EPYC) system. Alternatively, I could use a Cisco UCS 220 M5 (Intel). While this platform would not be my first choice, it is what I have available without wrestling the supply chain dragons at a large Canadian Crown Corporation. The use case would require a NVME based RAIDZ. Any help is highly appreciated.
TrueNAS can be installed. without issue on DELL PowerEdge R6515 ( AMD Epyc mono socket)
So there is no reason that you encounter an issue with Cisco hardware that uses the same chips than DELL hardware
Thank you for the answer!

Things I am concerned about and that might be different between Dell and Cisco:
  • Network Cards
  • SAS/NVME Controller
Other than NVMe being itself a controller with namespaces as "disks", there are also those "tri mode" HBAs that can do NVMe.
NVME does not have controllers.

The server world is not as simple as desktop PCs. Cisco had and has NVME (RAID) controllers on top of NVME direct attach backplanes. Some of their controllers are dual mode (SAS/NVME). My issue is that I cannot freely select any server I like due to "supplychain controls". It is either Cisco UCS220 M5/M6, UCS225 or nothing. I also have to chose all add-cards from Cisco's catalog.