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Announcing: FreeBSD 8.1-RELEASE custom XFCE build (64bit) released



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Hey all,

I have just completed the first 8.1-RELEASE based build of the 'Custom
releases' project hosted here:


At the moment only the 64bit version is available, while a 32bit
version is in the works and is expected later on this week.

You may download the ISO file immediately using the downloads page:


This release is based on the latest XFCE desktop and includes a wide
variety of desktop-related packages, like OpenOffice, abiword, gnumeric,
firefox35, gimp, inkscape, evince and so on. The base system is
8.1-RELEASE. A few other small window managers are included like
windowmaker, fluxbox and icewm.

Make sure to read the README file before installation.

Also note that installing linux related packages during initial setup
needs a few
more steps. This is due to differences in sysinstall between 7.X and
8.X releases. A detailed explanation is provided in the README file.

As always, please report any problems, success stories, comments and
criticisms to manolis@FreeBSD.org