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I am considering a move back to FreeBSD, now that my Linux contracts are nearly over, and I am re-entering retirement. I have an AMD RX-480 which is supported by FreeBSD. However, the latest FOSS AMDGPU drivers have picked up an unpleasant anomaly - they turn off the GPU fans. Earlier versions of AMDGPU left the fans on a low speed - preventing the GPU from overheating. Later ones - actually turn the fans off until the card is ~ 140DegF.

I've read several posts on the subject, and perused the handbook, but do not find any solid and clear examples on how to control the GPU fan on the AMD series GPU's. Lot's of "Maybe this will work..." type scenarios offered to the posters - but no clear and tested path to accomplish.

Does anyone have a tried and true method to control the fan speed on an AMDGPU card?

Or does anyone have knowledge that I clearly don't have, that states: "Under FreeBSD this is not possible...."?

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It's been relocated to hardware.