Allow setting different root-path options for freebsd DHCP configuration


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From the official wiki pxeboot(8) I could see that the option root-path must be given in order to finish netboot for FreeBSD using NFS mount root directory, for instance:
option root-path    "nfs://";

but in this case, it is only possible to boot a certain version of FreeBSD that is specified in the nfs directory, this is inconvenient especially when someone who is not able to access the DHCP server configuration, but has the need to change the root-path directory from time to time, simply because he needs the client to mount another root-path.

So is there a method that I could use, not involving modifying the DHCP configurations, to make it possible to allow clients to mount different root directories from NFS?
Thanks all the experts. If I am asking a stupid question or this question is not appropriate here, please be lenient to me.