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After 6 months usage a user feedback


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After my first six months of fbsd FreeBSD on my laptop (Thinkpad T60) I'd like to give some constructive feedback.

First I really liked fbsd FreeBSD, so I am a little sad that I have to move my laptop back to Linux. Here are some main reasons:
  • Packages are not fully preconfigured. e.g. printing PDF files does not embed fonts automatically. Better documentation or preset please.
  • Thinkpad T60: suspend works, resume not (major k.o.).
  • pkgng: "dependencies changed" is not enough informations. Better show which flags changed (like portage does).
  • Ports: flags are not "batchable" . I have to sit and wait for the next diaglog during compiling. I would prefer portage- or paludis-like batchable flags.
  • The ATI driver breaks very often the inside of the X windows.

The rest are not so k.o.-like. Of course, if I missed something about how to fix the points I am happy to be corrected :). I will keep a fbsd FreeBSD alive inside a VM to keep up.


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Regarding your point about ports, you can set options for the port and all dependencies before the installation (see ports(7) for more details): # make config-recursive

If you make changes to options that requires additional dependencies to be installed, you may need to run the same command again to make sure you set the options for these. Then you can run # make install clean and leave the port and dependencies compiling without needing to check back regularly :)

# make fetch-recursive is also useful to make sure you are able to download all the sources you need before embarking on a long compilation.