ZFS adding sata hdd

I have FreeBSD 11 installed on SSD for my desktop. The whole system using ZFS. I need more space. so I want to add 1TB SATA, my question is
1. Do I have to gpart first ?
2. Do I have to
gpart add -t freebsd-ufs -a 1M ada1
Can I just gpart add - freebsd-zfs -a M ada1?
3. do I have to
newfs -U /dev/ada1p1

Can I add /dev/ada1 to SSD pool? Or create another pool?
Can I create a mirror to size of SSD from SATA HDD and still keep what left on the SATA HDD?

You do not want to mix HDDs and SSDs in the same pool. If you want to use ZFS you don't need to partition or format the drive. Just create a new pool with the new drive.
Not strictly necessary but won't hurt and may prevent confusion if the disk contains an existing partition.
Thank you #SirDice

Yes it worked like a charm. Thank You. And I move /home and /usr/home directory to bigger disk now. great