Solved ACPI entering S3 - can't wake up anymore


I've been using FreeBSD for a decade on servers and infrastructure. Last weekend I thought it's time to give it a chance as a desktop OS. For this, I've been installing FreeBSD 12.1 on my old Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon (3rd gen).

I managed to install the base system, get wifi to work, have i3 with mouse & audio running. It was a lot more painless than expected - good work guys!

At one point I wanted to get sleep & resume to work so that I can close the laptops lid and get it back up later again.
Running sysctl hw.acpi shows that the hardware supports sleep states S3, S4 and S5.
I am able to enter S3 through either issuing acpiconf -s3 or by closing the lid after adding hw.acpi.lid_switch_state=S3 to /etc/sysctl.conf.

The problem is that I can't get the system to wake up again. Nothing happens when I open the lid. Nothing happens when I press the power button. The only thing that gets me out of there is either running out of battery (yeah... while in S3) or keeping the power button pressed for 5 seconds to perform a hard reset and then boot again.

What exactly causes my power button to not wake the system up out of S3? Same with the lid switch.

Any input is highly welcomed. Not being able to sleep & resume is currently the only thing keeping me from switching from Windows to FreeBSD as a daily driver.
A few things:
  • Just to check, does changing virtual terminal (i.e ctrl-alt-F2) get you out of a blank screen? Is the machine functioning at all (i.e sshd accepting connections). or is it still in S3? Does the 3rd gen X1 have that terrible "touch bar" for the F[1-9] keys? If so, make sure to press the key to toggle between F and utility keys (like volume, brightness etc) before suspending.

  • Did you start X11 after installing the correct KMS Intel driver from ports and resuming from there? My Thinkpad doesn't resume correctly without X11.

  • Try disabling the TPM in the Bios. This has a few issues it seems.

Finally, have a read of starting from Suspend/Resume
It details a number of things to help you debug the problem and a few workarounds.
Disabling TPM in BIOS did the trick. That was the only thing necessary to change.

Now everything appears to work as expected: Mouse/TrackPad/TrackPoint continues working, applications don't seem to be broken, WiFi re-gains link within seconds, ... seems good!

Thanks guys!
Lenovo ThinkPad T440 in the BIOS under the "Security" menu is where to DISABLE TPM or TMM Security Chip
Yes, instead of being stuck in the S3 suspend state, a quick press of the power button brings FreeBSD/GhostBSD backup, asks for login password, and you are back in business again, using your computer instead of cursing at it. I did not know how I was going to Google for this answer, yet here am I now! With a working Laptop, that saves where I left off from working before with open Fi
Firefox tabs and other apps.
google: "wake up from power suspend thinkpad t440 freebsd driver "


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