UFS ACLs - Default (-d) - acl_calc_mask() failed: Invalid argument


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This is fresh install of FreeBSD 12.0-RELEASE (2019-05-04). I have been struggling to find further documentation on setting ACLs in a FreeBSD environment other than the Handbook.

I keep getting an error while attempting to set the default ACL on directories. I suspect my syntax and/or option is wrong.

root@machine:~ # setfacl -d -m u:www:rwx /media/data2/www
setfacl: /media/data2/www: acl_calc_mask() failed: Invalid argument
setfacl: /media/data2/www: failed to set ACL mask
root@machine:~ # cat /etc/fstab
/dev/ada2p1     /media/data2            ufs     rw,acls 2       2
[This is my first attempt at FreeBSD after a decade of fighting with Linux servers; please bear with me. I promise to keep the noob posts to a minimum]