Solved Acer "Aspire One" laptop issues


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I thought I should share what I have so far discovered concerning the subject laptop.

I have installed FreeBSD 12.0 RELEASE on this laptop, with xorg. Installation went easily and quickly, and everything works, with the exception of the wireless network adapter, and the touchpad.

From dmesg -a | more, the touchpad appears to be a Phillips and is IIC (?) based. So far, I have not found a driver for that touchpad and am using a Logitech USB mouse, which is working fine. From other users on this forum, there, apparently, MAY be a way to activate these IIC based devices, but, AFAIK, that work is not yet completed.

The wireless adapter is listed on Acer's site as an "Acer Nplify 802.11b/g/n". Extensive searching on the web and doing pciconf -lv reveals that this is a
Broadcom BCM4313 adapter. Attempts to use either bwi or bwm failed. Although I am still searching for something which will work with this adapter, I suspect it will need a driver which is not currently available, and I am not yet sufficiently adept at FreeBSD to write my own driver for it.

However, another user of this forum has devised a way to get a driver for it. I have not yet figured out how to get the "thread number" or I would list it here. Searching the forum for "Broadcom BCM4313 " will turn it up, though.

The video adapter in this laptop is an Intel Pineview GMA-3150. That can be activated fairly easily and works well. If anyone needs full directions for doing this, let me know. However, there are already threads here which deal with this GMA. Searching the forum for the term "GMA-3150" will reveal them.

I hope this bit of information helps some others. If you have questions which I can answer, please feel free to ask them.

Ken Gordon
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