Access 3G simcard by 3G WWAN port.

Hi all,
I had installed Kali-Linux and it could access to my wwan card by default but now I have installed FreeBSD/DragonflyBSD and I don't know how to connect with it.
Where can I find the wwan card installation setup manuall on FreeBSD/DragonflyBSD?
Thanks alot,
I run these commands but I dinn't find any u3g device!
unix# ls /dev/cua
cuaU0%  cuaU1%  cuaU2%  cuaiU0% cuaiU1% cuaiU2% cualU0% cualU1% cualU2%
unix# kldload u3g
unix# dmesg | grep u3g
If the WWAN card / interface doesn't show up as a usb device (check with # usbconfig) you should check # pciconf -lv output and see if it shows up there.
The device could be one of those netsticks that appear as an ethernet device when connected, those would be supported by a matching ethernet NIC driver if at all.
Wow, I haven't seen on of those yet.
The ones I have seen are these:
external (usb) - either straight serial (ok, serial over usb) interface or usb storage -> modeswitch to serial interface
internal - usb (same as for external) or pci attached (logically, could be anything physically)