A tool to create a custom FreeBSD Package Repository for OFFLINE USE


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As some may know, I really hate having to deal with updates when I have other stuff to take care of. It's especially frustrating since I'm pretty much isolated from threats from the net, and I have decent backups to recover from if need be. Thanks to this article:
Thread guide-building-a-package-repository-with-portmaster.68179
I've develop a simple tool called pkgcache that gives all the power to the user as to when the package updates will occur. It basically manages a list of packages to download automatically, that is, on your command. A big economic plus is providing a way to greatly reduce the download bandwidth with the OFFLINE package installation/update feature made possible by pkgcache. Interested to add a new package to the local package repository? No problem because the dependencies will also be automatically added to the list. For example, download can be performed on a speedy network, then files (packages) transferred to the local repository hosted on a local website. I know that there's even a way to have the local repository as files like the FreeBSD DVD, but I haven't researched for that syntax. The pkg command can then be used as usual.

The source code and further details about pkgcache can be found here: