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Hi All,

Just a quick note to say the following:

1. I think the FreeBSD project rocks and although I'm not an expert (yet), the more I learn about FreeBSD the more I appreciate the sound decisions which went into making it what it is today. Very well done indeed!

2. The community on here is fantastic. You really make a difference when you show patience and willingness to help others. Open source spirit at its best.

3. I really, really hope FreeBSD can gain the capabilities needed to replace my desktop OS sometime soon. While I understand the focus, competing pressures, etc. having a single, hyper-robust platform to tackle all computing needs would be a dream come true. :)

4. Apologies for the Apple-stab. Couldn't help myself. :D


All the best,


Son of Beastie

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Why? FreeBSD isn't a charity, plain and simple.

And I'm really glad about that too, most charity organizations are plain out legalized money scams in my opinion and I'm not to keen to associate myself with any.