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A quick thanks


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I just installed FreeBSD 10 and want to say that I'm really impressed. It's clean. It's fast and it's beautiful. I just want to say thanks to all the developers and people who put the work into making it what it is.

I've been a Linux user for several years and find that FreeBSD has a package selection equal to Debian, stability equal to Centos, the port selection of Gentoo and documentation equal to Arch. It looks to me like FreeBSD is a winner.

Thanks again,



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The new package manager makes a world of difference. There's still lots of room for improvement, there are a few things that didn't quite make it into 10.0 but hopefully will into 10.1. There's also still quite a lot of work going on with the ports tree, it breaks every now and then. Fortunately it's usually fixed quite quickly. As a FreeBSD user since 3.0 I am still amazed how much improvement each major version has.

I hope you will have as much fun with FreeBSD as I have the past 15 years or so :beergrin



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I agree, the new package manager feels really good. And yes, I think that FreeBSD still has so much 'field' to play around in this crazy world called IT.


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I don't think any OS is perfect. That being said, I'm really happy using FreeBSD as my primary OS now.


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Instead of starting a new "Thank You" thread, I take the liberty to add my shouts of joy here.

Yesterday I switched my home laptop to FreeBSD-10 (from 9-stable), put in a SSD, selected ZFS for everything and installed away.
Compiling code from/to a compressed ZFS is going very fast, the I/O is a lot less than before (and faster, too, thanks to the SSD).
So instead of seeing blazingly fast storage accesses, I saw extremly clever compressed data quietly trickeling onto a fast storage. I should have switched to ZFS sooner.

But what made me extremely happy was - suspend/S3 seems now to work! Great work! Have a case of beer, whoever did that.

But no light without shadow, during that process I discovered that an external USB3 enclosure for the old disc is not working correctly, I have only USB2 on the machine. Oh, and it also does not work on 9-stable. That threw a little spanner into the wheels when I wanted to copy things over, but with some USB HUB in between it works and for the config files I do not mind the USB1 speed then. So maybe I need to learn how to file a PR after all.



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While I prefer Copyleft licenses over Copyfree and rather FreeBSD 10 use GCC 4.8 as the default for the base for compatibilities sake. I do like FreeBSD and like the new Release even though GNU/Linux is my favorites OS (FreeBSD is my 2nd favorite). I also like the Clang compiler. Although I have no preference between Clang and GCC and usualy pick which one to use based on what I'm trying to compile and what I'm using it for. Anyway, keep up the good work and I look foward to FreeBSD 11. :beer


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I would also like to add my appreciation and thanks to the developers and testers for producing a brilliant product. This is the first time that I have been able to get 'X' working on FreeBSD; version 10.0 has given me that pleasure. :h

I was only an occasional user of BSD before, but I can see me using FreeBSD an awful lot more now, many thanks.